Week Two: NYC

After two weeks in New York I have decided that I like it here. I don't know that I will ever call it home or feel completely comfortable, but I like it.

I have found friends here, some from home and some locals, who have made the discoveries and the feeling of being lost much more fun. New York is great, but even better with people to share it with.

Work is eye-opening, to put it plainly. I am put in a position to read about and see the bruised parts of the city daily. As I continue to work here, I will even get to reach out to marginalized communities and hear their stories first hand. It's a humbling place to work, which I think makes it extremely valuable.

In my last post I talked about the two cities I had been given. After another week of living in both, I realize that they are not as separate as I first thought. Instead, they dive in and out of each other in fascinating ways. New Yorkers all live so close to each other, it's hard to stay far away.

There isn't as much to say as week one and two came and went, but I have been wearing out my feet exploring. A person could never be bored in New York, unless they were trying really hard.

The pizza here is delicious and there is every kind of food you can think of around each corner. New Yorkers live and eat in style. I'm thankful to be here, even when I get lonely and miss home.

I think that God placed me here to draw me closer to Him because He knew that I had been running again. Being in a new place can make me anxious and by week two, He was waiting for me to cry out to Him for help.

I did, and have. He is always waiting for me. I was talking to someone about their nonprofit and they kept saying that God had given them passages of Scripture for direction. At first, I was confused by the phrase. But now I love it- God gives us His word for our good and His glory. Here is the word He gave me today:

"The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God you will not despise." Psalm 51:17

I think He loves a broken heart because He knows how to fix it. Broken hearts aren't just for breakups, they happen when we are lonely or scared or unsure what to do. And He fixes us, even when we've asked hundreds of times. He's never giving up on us.

Not ever.

I hope that as you read about my time in this big place you begin to feel as small as I do, and in feeling small look to the One who created you and realize that it was for a reason. Thanks for reading, here goes week three!