My top picks for culture + information

I would like to point out, at the risk of sounding alarms all over the Internet, that this list is not exhaustive nor do I claim it to be entirely complete. After months of frustration at media trends and partisan headlines, I decided to reclaim my informed citizen status and find news outlets that I could listen to and read to gain information about the world around me. I found a few things to be true:

  1. Summary news emails are helpful but nearly always highlight the same stories, so use them as a guide to spur on your search for news pertinent to you and to your region.
  2. Don't just read your favorite outlets, explore others. Some may find fault with my news list, just know I didn't include Fox News and others that I check in on to make sure I'm getting even coverage from both sides (more on media framing in a later blog post).
  3. Podcast mixing matters. Without a quality sound, podcasts can turn more annoying than alluring.
  4. Media is what you make it. If you decide to be cynical, you're going to see all media as cynically written. Make the decision to be discerning instead- don't scoff at media headlines, analyze them. Decide for yourself once you've read an article, don't predetermine your reactions based on past experience.

So, with all of that in mind, here is what I'm engaging with at the moment.

I'm listening to:

-"Strong Opinions, Loosely Held" (This is a funny and sharp conversation on pop culture each week. It is a Refinery 29 podcast and I enjoy the quips and introduction to new buzz words.)

-"PBS: News Hour" (I usually stick with Friday and Sunday reports- recaps, they usually include a great human interest piece.)

-"Matt and Doree's Eggcellent Adventure" (This is a guilty pleasure and, admittedly, an odd one for a 22-year-old, non-child-seeking person. However, this couple keeps it more than real when describing an IVF journey.)

I'm consuming:

-New York Times (I get a daily news review and I subscribe to their online platform. Partisan news but also a great source of "need to know" for the day. I also love their culture section and the human interest highlights they cover).

-Wall Street Journal (Daily news review and insights for financial and business news. This is my jumping off point for more internet research on a topic I'm raising my eyebrows at over my morning coffee).

-The Skimm (For those that scoff at the Skimm's credibility, you surely did not at the two other new sources listed above. What I've found? The Skimm highlights the same news stories but does it in a way that targets their audience- pretty smart if you ask me).

I'm reading:

-"All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr (I know, I'm late to this party. But when I recreationally read, I want to commit. So I had some books to finish before I dove into this Pulitzer-winning novel).

-"I Thought it was Just Me: But it isn't" by Brene Brown (A non-fiction book about the research Dr. Brown has done on shame and finding value in self after discovering your shame structures. Convicting, encouraging, interesting).

I'm keeping my eye on:

-Brighton the Day (Instagram personality and style blogger. This is more than a style blog, although I did need to find an outfit to go with some new gray skinnies).

-Artifact Uprising (Niche photo company- great blog with some fun gift ideas. A+ on aesthetic and ease of use).

I'm watching:

-"May It Last" (This was a compelling documentary made by Judd Apatow. I'm a huge Avett Brothers fan, so this was a dream for me. It was also incredibly honest. You can watch the trailer here.)

-"The West Wing" (Again. I'm just going to leave this here.)

So there is my list. What's on your's?