Sunday slump + ways to fight back

Every person read that title and immediately knew what I was going to write about-- I'm ok with that. After a long week, all you really want is time to spend away. Away from work, school, stressful expectations,  and worrisome to-dos. Even if you do not get a traditional weekend, each person has a time they look forward to every so often that gets them through the mundane. This is good. It is good for us to rest and set down our burdens.

Except for that nagging feeling that comes around 3 or 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. That's right: the Sunday slump.

Graduate school means that the work doesn't really pause or end on the weekend, but I try to structure my time so that most of my work is done before Friday evening. This gives me space and time to relax and return to things my heart finds most nourishing.

This weekend was great, like so many others. I saw people I missed, ate food I loved, danced to funny songs and sat on the couch watching "This is Us". I couldn't ask for better, honestly.

When I got back from my weekend, I started projects and preparations for the week ahead. This includes research, writing, drafting projects and noting sections for class discussion. It includes eye rolls and huffs and sighs.

The Sunday slump. That annoying, all-encompassing, weekend-forgetting slump.

Tomorrow the alarm clock will ring at 6:30 a.m. and Monday will begin. It'll bring projects and writing and reading and expectation meeting and all other forms of getting back into the groove.

So how do we get past the Sunday slump? How do we enjoy our weeks and not wish them away?

The quick answer? We fight for ways of bringing the weekend to the week.

We fight for ways of bringing the weekend to the week.

We give ourselves time to rest on a Tuesday. Maybe that looks like a night off, maybe it looks like 10 minutes of meditation, find what works for you.

For me? I bring out the essential oils, do a little Yoga and take as many baths as I want during the week. I force myself to journal and to write out things I'm thankful for in the midst of stress and worry.

This is vital. This is important. This is life-giving.

Because we only get the weekend less than 30 percent of the time. We can't waste 70 percent of our weeks waiting for the 30 percent.

So, pull out your planner and put some weekend into your week. Sprinkle some Saturday into your Thursday and make room for Friday night on a Tuesday lunch break. I promise it'll make the Sunday slumps a little quieter this week.