A new place

I'm sitting in a new place. I've lived in this place with dear friends for three days.

It's a good place.

Junior year has started despite my doubts and the days are already whirling past. I've marveled at the way that time shifts more often than not on this blog, but it remains true. However, I want this year to be saturated in the times I do have.

I spend time worrying about the next week, month or year. I know that everyone does this. I am not the person I was freshmen year and I won't make any huge resolutions about this year. Unrealistic expectations usually lead to unhappy outcomes.


I can try and pray and hope to live each day with the joy that Jesus gives me. We are beginning a new series in our campus ministry, RUF. Our pastor is walking through relationships (my sins shriek at there coming conviction) and last night he said that we all long for two things:

1. Fulfillment

2. Security

Well, yes. Of course. But I seek those in other places than the place that promises them. Jesus. So I want to earnestly pray and seek Him daily, in hopes that He will make the fleeting time saturated in grace. Otherwise, the time will fly with folly behind it.

That being said, what a hope we have in the promised joy and fulfillment and security in Christ! I struggle to believe it sometimes. But the times I do and the places that remind me of Him are the best. I pray that this year would be such a place and time.

"Hallejuah, He has found me! The one my soul so long has craved, Jesus satisfies all my longings, and through his blood I now am saved..."