End of semester one

As my first semester of graduate school comes to a close, I am reflecting on the things I've learned and the progress my cohort has made as communicators. 

For me, it all comes down to learning or growing toward a goal each day. This has been difficult for me, as someone who wants to be perfect and polished-- right now. However, as the semester has moved on I have had to learn that sometimes learning the lesson is valuable, even if the method or measure is not appealing. 

I think this is important for life generally. This is the first year that me and my friends (old and new) are facing life as real adults. As millennials, the stakes are high as those who are more mature watch with skeptical eyes. I've watched my classmates and friends fail, succeed, laugh and cry these past three months. I have failed, succeeded, laughed and cried right next to them. And that is such good growth. 

As I walk toward the end of my first semester, I am grateful for the chance to try again, work harder and walk closely with a community that learns alongside me.