Happy New Year 2018 from me and Andrew!

Happy New Year 2018 from me and Andrew!

Did you set aside time to write out goals for this new year? What about reflecting on 2017 and what you accomplished in the last 12 months? 

I have had a small notecard tucked into my Bible all year with my goals and hopes for 2017. It was a great reminder of what I was accomplishing and what was left to do, but having it tucked into the pages of the Bible helped me keep a healthy perspective as I worked toward the words I wrote and all they represented. 

For example, one of those goals was to be a great aunt to my new nephew, who was born in February. This was an easy goal to prioritize, as loving a baby like our Chip feels necessary and deeply comforting at the same time. Another goal was to figure out what I would do after graduation and I did. This goal was not as easy, as I struggled to decide which path was the most right for me. I finally made up my mind and started graduate school in an advanced professional track in August of 2017. I also wanted to rest more and begin a new hobby-- I'm not surprised to say that I am still working on these goals. 

After reflecting over my list, it was easy to see how I tried, achieved and failed in 2017. I think that it is ok to see and know exactly how I've won and lost in 2017. Both the successes and the losses bring valuable insights to me as I grow. 

I've been making these lists for years. I enjoy the sensation of looking ahead and looking back, with thoughtfulness at each stage. 

I believe it is important to set and achieve goals. It is wonderful to push yourself and expect great things from others. It is even admirable to have high standards. 


I also believe that it is important to set aside time to enjoy the year and all it brings in a more transcendent and emotive way. I believe that it is wonderful to push others toward better communication and more kindness in relationships, even at the expense of certain check-points. These beliefs are often held in tension, as both come with high cost and high reward when they are achieved.

I believe that it is possible to achieve great things and love well. I believe we can all work together to create new ideas and set new goals in ways that serve one another and serve our professional interests, as well. 

So, I'm going to set big goals for loving others and for letting myself grow as a person in 2018. I'm also going to set professional goals and look to others for motivation to do more this year than I did in 2017. 

I want big things from 2018 and I want big things from myself.  

What do you want from 2018?

"Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good."
Romans 12:9 ESV