The day after Christmas

The dishes are washed, the presents are sorted and the house has a lingering smell of Christmas dinner and stocking candy- all the remnants of Christmas Day. Every Christmas is different and special for its own reasons, and this year bore resemblance to all the rest. 

I am always grateful for a few days to relax and retreat to home- a place where home movies are the afternoon to-do and holiday cooking is the only pressing activity. Rest and home and peace are so necessary, no matter what shape they take in each of our lives. 

As Christmas winds down, my heart still feels full with the anticipation of another year coming and with the sights of a day spent with four generations of loved ones. 

A highlight of the day was receiving my new camera, a Nikon 3400. I have always loved taking photographs and starting this year, I've got some more gumption to boss everyone into frames. Here are some of the best parts of our day together. 

Here's to the days after Christmas, when we can remember why we celebrate it year after year.