40 Books in 2018: Review Two


I love nonfiction books. I enjoy learning about new topics and hearing authentic stories from perspectives different than my own. This nonfiction piece was a surprise and a delight. 

For my 11th book, I picked up "Cathedral of the Wild" by Boyd Varty. I heard about this book from a TED Radio Hour podcast (hosted by NPR, look into it!) about wisdom. Varty's 2016 TED Talk was a portion of the podcast. I knew I was due for a new read, so I purchased his book from Amazon that evening. 

It took me three days to race through Varty's fascinating and tender account of his life. He takes readers on a journey to South Africa's bush and recalls his memories of literally growing up in the wild. His family traditions included tea time with monkeys nearby and tracking lions in their backyard. 

Varty, like most people, went through a hard period where he struggled to find his purpose and wandered for a few years. During this time, he traveled and meditated. After realizing what he wanted to do (I won't spoil this for you!) and returning home to do it, he emerged as the hero of the story. I was cheering for him at the end of the book, wanting to visit the Londolozi reserve and see the wonders for myself. 

Unfortunately, the prices are a little out of my budget range.. but it was nice to get lost in the story nonetheless. 

I would give this book a 10/10 for its authentic, true and witty storytelling. If you are in need of a good, raw and uplifting snapshot of a person's life, I would highly recommend it. Click here to purchase on Amazon (hint: buying used books saves you money and often, the books are in great shape!). 


A month of design

Our May-term class focused on improving our Adobe Creative Suite skills. I had a great time learning new tricks in the programs and inventing a brand. I chose to design for an upscale candle company that specialized in nostalgic or familiar scents. 

I loved the idea of branding an entire company, from logo to print ads to a website. I feel proud of the outcome and wish I could buy one of these candles! I uploaded the entire portfolio to my work section, linked here. 

40 Books in 2018: Review One

I've made it to book eight of my 40 books for the year. I have laughed and cried during the seven books and have a feeling that my eighth, The Memory of Old Jack by Wendell Berry, will bring both laughter and tears. I am glad that I made this challenge and hope that the summer will allow more time for reaching my goal!! I have 31 books left.